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Mother and daughter shocked when styling hair

Everyone wants curls sometimes, but they want to get that perfect curl without the damage from styling. Is it possible? My daughter Paisley and I tried out the wave creators, which claim to curl your hair without any heat.  

We did some prep work first. The night before, we washed and detangled, and got Paisley’s hair ready with the LOC (liquid, oil, cream) method. I wanted to get the best results possible from her natural, tight curls, so I put them in braids to stretch the hair out.

Testing Out the Wave Creators

The wave creators took a bit of time, but I also used pretty small sections of hair and it was pretty simple. For each section of hair, you twist it tight to the root. You weave the rod through the wavy fabric and then hook it on the hair as close to the root as possible. Then just pull it through. Easy as that. If you have coarse hair like Paisley’s I recommend smoothing the ends of the hair out with gel or cream. You might also get some extra definition if you mist the hair a little and let it air dry or throw some heat on it. 

I was a little worried the wave formers would snag her hair, but it was totally smooth and painless pulling the rod through and taking the wave formers out, so that was a pleasant surprise. 


The wave formers did block up her curls, but I loosened the roots with a comb and fluffed the waves with my fingers and her hair turned out full and super cute. Feel free when you’re putting in the wave formers to play around with what direction you want the curls to go in. You can try different parts or different thickness of hair sections – there’s a lot of possibilities with these!

Final Thoughts

The wave formers definitely get a FAB from me! They were pretty easy to use, turned out great curls with NO HEAT and, best of all, didn’t snag. Overall, great tools to add to your kit.

TIP: We bought these in packs of 24 and I used about 50 wave formers on Paisley’s hair. So, if you’re buying similar-size packs, be sure and get at least two. 

Watch the full video:

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