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With all the #Zoom classes going on, Rylan is back today to teach you her 3 EASY DIY Zoom Hairstyles that can each be done in 1-3 minutes! If you are like Rylan, you want to sleep in AS MUCH AS YOU CAN until that first Zoom call in the AM, so a quick 1-minute hairstyle tutorial gets you that much closer! Which one is your favorite?

Items Needed: Brush, rat-tail comb, spray bottle, hair elastics, bobby pins, scrunchie, bandana or head scarf, hairspray {if desired}.

Time Requirement: 1-3 minutes each

Skill Level: Easy

Double Pigtails with Braid Cuffs

Part your hair down the middle of the head. Section off a small square section on the right of the part, and secure with a small elastic. Section off a small square section on the left of the part (equal to that of the right), and secure with a small elastic. Take 2 decorative braid cuffs and clamp them down near the base of each pigtail. Lastly, add hairspray (if desired)!

Half-Up Low Scrunchie Bun

Part your hair however you prefer, right, left, or center. Part the hair back using your thumbs above each ear and secure in the back with a large scrunchie into a bun. Adjust the scrunchie to get the desired tightness/looseness desired for the bun. Add hairspray (if desired)!

Headscarf Headband

Part your hair however you prefer, right, left, or center. Take a bandana or silk headscarf and fold it once diagonally. Then take the headscarf and fold it down several times to your desired width (and secure the tiny triangle tip using the bobby pin hack I show you). Place the folded scarf evenly at the base of your neck, and bring the ends up and over the hair and secure using the first step of a knot. Instead of tying the seconds step of a knot bring each end down and secure behind the ear with a bobby pin. Add hairspray (if desired)!

Watch the full tutorial:

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