Is the $500 DYSON Straightener | FAB or FAIL

I was pretty excited going into this product review, because I absolutely LOVE Dyson’s Supersonic hair dryer! It’s the tool I use to blow dry my hair every time, and even though it’s pricey, I truly love it and the results I get from it.

Overall, the Dyson straightener definitely performed well, and the fact that it has a cordless option is nice! The technology of the tool is awesome, and there are tons of features that are very interesting (flexing plates, less damage to hair, etc). I compared it to my favorite straightener (GHD) in order to really get an accurate test, and I have to say that I still honestly prefer the results of my GHD! My hair just feels so slick and silky smooth with that flat iron, which is why I always reach for it!

I think it all comes down to preference, and how much money you want to spend! The technology is cool enough for me to give that aspect of the tool a thumbs up, however, the price is just a little too high, so the cost of the tool gets a big thumbs down from me.

There are other tools out there that work just as well as the Dyson straightener – and they won’t drain your bank account! I even tried a straightener is this video that is HIGHLY rated on Amazon, and it only costs $39!

Check out the full review:

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